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Melloderm 4% + Acnetin-A 0.05 % set

Melloderm 4% + Acnetin-A 0.05 % set

SKU: 029

Melloderm + Acnetin-A set

Did you know that using tretinoin and hydroquinone together can provide several benefits for the skin?

They can effectively treat hyperpigmentation, as hydroquinone lightens dark spots while tretinoin promotes skin cell turnover. The combination enhances penetration and efficacy, yielding better results. The two ingredients work synergistically, targeting pigmentation from multiple angles.

Additionally, tretinoin has anti-aging properties, making the combination beneficial for both pigmentation and signs of aging.

We have both products ready to ship to you.

We will send you 1 tube of Acnetin-A 0.05%(tretinoin, 10g)and 1 tube of Melloderm 4% (hydroquinone, 7g) at 10% discount price.

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